Stingray Extreme Speedboat Adventures

A family- owned and operated business.  Stingray Extreme Speedboat Adventures has been in the making for a year now. My husband grew up in Florida.  We love coming to St Augustine on vacation and wanted to make it our home and share our passion with everyone. We take pride in passing on our passion to our community.

​We provide thrill boat rides and boat tours in St Augustine for fun.  Come schedule your boat ride and boat tour with us!


Whether you're looking for an afternoon excursion, a vacation or something special like a family reunion, we've got a Great Boat Ride and Boat Tour to help you enjoy the great Ancient City of St Augustine like you have never seen before.

Personalized Service

Boat Rides and Tours in St Augustine

We offer personalized speed boat rides, boat tours, adventures for birthdays, honeymoons, anniversaries, etc. Partner with us to make your day -- or week -- on the St Augustine Ocean something special.

Come by 
111-C Avenida Menendez, Slip 63
or call 
and schedule your boat ride!